Illustration for "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"
Jonathan Edwards uses imagery to remind his listeners of the precarious situation they are in as sinners. Choose the image that you feel best supports Edwards' message, and then complete the following.

Part 1: Illustration
1. Illustrate the image you feel best supports Edwards' message. Illustrations must be in color and fill a sheet of non-ruled paper.
2. Add the title of the sermon (in quotation marks) and the name of the author to your illustration.
3. On your illustration, include a quote (in quotation marks) from the sermon that depicts the image you chose. Also, include the page number where you found the quote.

Part 2: Explanation
4. On a separate, college-ruled sheet of paper, compose a paragraph (7-10 sentences) that answers each of the following questions. Your paragraph should also use and cite quotes (in quotation marks) as textual evidence to support your claims.
-What is the purpose of Edward's sermon?
-What is imagery?
-How does the use of imagery support Jonthan Edwards' message?
-Why do you feel the image you chose to illustrate helps convey Edwards' message?
-What effect does this image have on the reader/listener?
-Why is this image more effective than other images in the sermon?

Rubric for Grading "Sinners" Illustration
Sample Paragraph to Accompany Illustration