Digital Notecards

  • Download the “Digital Note Cards Template” and save it to your desktop (file name = your name GP Notes).
  • Login to your Google account ( and open your Drive.
  • Click “New” and “File Upload,” then find your file on the desktop.
  • Once you are in the presentation, duplicate both the source card and the note card by right clicking on the slide thumbnail on the left and selecting “Duplicate."

Setting up MLA Format for Research Paper in Google Docs

  • Click in the upper left-hand corner on "Untitled Document," then name your document (file name = your name GP Paper).
  • Click "File," then go to "Page setup..." and ensure all margins are set to 1 inch.
  • Click "Insert," then "Header" to create your header.
  • Check the box below the header that says "Different first page header/footer." Doing so ensures that your header will not appear on your outline.
  • Click in the below the header to return to the body of your document.
  • Click on "Format," then go to "Line spacing" and select "Double."
  • Change the font to Times New Roman, 12 point.
  • Type the title of your paper, your thesis, and your subtopics in the same manner they appear on the sample outline.
  • On the next blank page in your document, click at the top of the page to edit the header.
  • Change font to Times New Roman, 12 point and align the text to the right.
  • Type your last name, making sure to capitalize the first letter and press the space bar at the end.
  • Click "Insert," then "Page number." Choose the icon on the top right that shows no page number on the first page and the number 1 on the second page.
  • Click below the header to return to the body of your document.
  • On separate lines, creating a heading for the first page of your paper with your name, your instructor's name, the course name, and the date (day month year) as it appears on your sample introduction.
  • Below the heading, center the title of your paper, making sure to capitalize the first word and all major words.
  • Align your text to the left, and begin typing your paper, making sure to indent the first line of each paragraph by pressing the tab key once.


Use the following links to guide you through the research process.

Student Email
Email-follows this format (first name, last initial, last three of student id)
Password-student id
Student Email Link

Graduation Project Handbook (click "Students" tab then select "Graduation Handbook")

NC Wiseowl (access to many online databases/encyclopedias and helpful research information)

Neuse Regional Library (access to online databases/encyclopedias)

Purdue OWL-Online Writing Lab (helpful information on MLA citation and formatting guidelines, grammar, and more)

UNC Citation Builder (builds citations for you from the source information you provide)

Citation Practice Websites